Economic and Market Research

Our group of dedicated professionals tracks the travel and tourism industry and offers research services and project assistance for public attractions, destination marketing organizations, resource management agencies and others who are interested in this unique and growing industry.

State Travel Impacts

Spending, earnings, employment and government revenue with additional breakouts at the state, region and community level.

Destination Studies

Studies of destination regions and facilities, often focusing on the role that travel, tourism and recreation plays in a larger economy.

Feasibility & Planning

We focus on investigating the market and demand for a new or expanded facility and helping the client decide how or whether to proceed.

Market Research

Studies of market segments, market trends and characteristics, product development and marketing priorities, and strategies for partnerships and revenue generation.

Data Visualization

Integrated data access, customized dashboards, storyboards at

Visa Vue

Domestic and international visitors, spending by merchant categories, seasonality.

Air Travel

Domestic air arrivals by origin markets for states and regions throughout US.


We help clients to understand economic significance of recreation, such as cycling, fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing or other activities.

Wine & Agritourism

Studies of wine and wineries as a component of local and regional tourism.

Festivals & Events

Economic impact of festivals, recreation and cultural events.

Other Projects

Fiscal, economic and labor studies related to travel, recreation and tourism.

Custom Research

Custom economic, policy and planning studies for specific client needs.

Why Us

How we help our clients

Our clients want to deal clearly and effectively with their constituency, including in particular elected officials, the media, business owners and agency officials. Sometime their own staff, boards of directors or advisors are crucial. Often there are questions about the size and role of the industry, its benefits such as earnings, employment and the tax receipts is generates. Sometimes these questions are pointed, and often support for marketing and other budgets is involved.

For 35 years we have helped our clients with authoritative, reliable information that they use internally and for planning and communicating with their community. With our research and guidance they become more effective campions for their projects and the industry overall. They avoid pitfalls from unreliable information. They help build cohesion based on good quality, shared information.

Where we work

Latest News



New client base- DMOs

Dean Runyan Associates (DRA) is pleased to announce the addition of a new client, the Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau in North Lake Tahoe, NV. DRA is providing a comprehensive report detailing the direct economic impact of travel on the area, its secondary impacts, travel’s indirect impact on the construction and real estate sector, and visitor volume estimates. To view the report with a five year history of travel impacts for the North Lake Tahoe region please click here.



New data product- Visa Vue

Dean Runyan Associates (DRA) has recently developed a product allowing destinations to get the most value from their Visa Vue subscription by providing PowerPoint presentation decks showing visitation and spending estimates for top international markets of origin, indexing of top domestic origin markets, visitor spending for top market segments, and quarterly trending in visits and spend. To see an example of this reporting conducted for the Ventura County Lodging Association please click here.

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