State and County Travel Impacts

This report describes the direct economic impacts of travel to and through the state of Oregon and each of its 36 counties since 1991, included is the level of travel spending and the impact this spending has on the economy in terms of earnings, employment and tax revenue. The report is updated annually in March.
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Domestic Air Visitors to Oregon Destinations

Access the most recent data available on where air visitors are, seasonal and long-term trends, and comparisons among travel destinations. You may also download a one-page summary for any state. Updated quarterly.
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Oregon Travel Barometer

The Oregon Travel Barometer is a dashboard of key metrics designed to show top-line travel-related indicators and is provided as a resource to the Oregon travel industry. This report is updated monthly.
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The Economic Significance of Bicycle-Related Travel in Oregon: Detailed State and Travel Region Estimates, 2012

This report describes the economic significance of bicycle-related travel throughout Oregon, documenting the magnitude and distribution of economic impacts to the state and its residents.
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Sisters Folk Festival: Economic Impacts and Visitor Profile, 2014

Sisters Folk Festival, a three-day celebration of roots music, from blues to bluegrass. This report provides the economic benefits generated for the City of Sisters and Sisters Country, based on the results of a survey of Sisters Folk Festival attendees, conducted during September- October 2014. In addition, this report describes characteristics for event attendees.
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Oregon Bicycle Industry, 2014

Bicycling and the bicycle industry are iconic in Oregon, representing a unique aspect of the state’s identity and economy. Because many bicycle industry businesses are small, and government statistics include bicycle manufacturing and other businesses only as part of larger categories, specific industry information is limited. This study provides basic data for the bicycle industry in Oregon, including its size and geographic distribution, the nature of its businesses, and their sales, employment and earnings.
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Fishing, Hunting, Wildlife Viewing, and Shellfishing in Oregon: 2008 State and County Expenditure Estimates

This study, the result of a comprehensive effort by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and Travel Oregon, describes hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, and shellfish harvest participation and related expenditures made throughout Oregon and the state’s travel regions and counties. You can access findings interactively or by downloading pdf report.
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Other Impact Studies

Champ Car Grand Prix of Portland: Economic Impact
The Economic Impact of the Portland Rose Festival, 2000