International Visitors to California
Now you can get the most current data on international travel...

Bicycle-Related Travel in Oregon
This report describes the economic significance ...

Oregon Bicycle Industry
Basic data for the bicycle industry in Oregon; size. employment...

Mason and Smith Valleys
Assessment of the potencial opportunities for agriculturally-related tourism...

Travel and Tourism Advisory Board
Dean Runyan was appointed as a new member...

Visitor Air Travel Volumes
We have an interactive air travel analysis application...

State Travel Impacts
Available annually for several states....

Dean Runyan Associates

Economic and Market Research

Our group of dedicated professionals offers research services and project assistance emphasizing recreation, travel, education and economic development.  We help local and regional marketing and economic development agencies, public attractions, destination marketing organizations, resource management agencies and others who are interested in these unique and growing industries.

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Economic Impact Studies
Spending, earnings, employment and government revenue for states and destination regions.

Visitor Air Travel
Inbound air travel data for visitors to states and regions.

Regional Economic Studies
Metro area, region and state-level studies of travel economics, employment and marketing.